Friday, May 7, 2010

Touching book review from a reader (via . . .

Humbling review of Hollow from a reader named Bobbie . . .

"When I first began reading this book, I almost put it down and walked away. The emotions from page one were so intense.

For anyone who has felt less than worthy - you will find yourself in this book.
For anyone who has struggled with self-image - you will relate to this book.
For anyone who has completed a 12-step program - You know the roller coaster of recovery you will find in this book.
For anyone who has had a friend or loved one who has struggled with a food disorder - you must read this book.

For anyone who has a food disorder, inside of these pages you will find a friend. You will find someone who understands your feelings, who knows your story. This friend will introduce you to Someone who walked with her through her darkest days, who loved her in her deepest valleys, and who holds her hand every single day ... His name is Jesus.

Jena writes the story of her longstanding battle towards recovery in a way that draws you in and doesn't let you go. She explains in great detail exactly how the disease took hold of her life, and the way she hears the siren that calls to her each and every day. The battle of addiction is never over, and her addiction to controlling her body through the disease of food disorder is an ongoing battle.

As a Pastor, I did not expect to have her words resonate so loudly in my own life. And yet, they did. Her battle with a food disorder is all of our battle with sin - the same voice that calls her to disobedience and darkness in this one area is the voice all of us hear calling us to disobedience and darkness and death.

Thank you, Jena, for sharing a story that will live in my heart ... for the despair, the joys, and the struggle that you live every single day. You have given all of us a precious gift."

THANK YOU, BOBBIE! You have the distinction of being the very first reviewer of Hollow on the Amazon website, and what joy your review has brought to my heart. Thank you, so very much, for taking the time.



  1. Thank you Jena - It is my prayer that your book will touch many as it has touched me.
    Bobbie - AKA Kansas Pastor

  2. Jena,
    I was flipping through the radio today and I heard the last half hour of your interview on moody. I am sixteen and this summer i found out that my best friend had anorexia and it was really hard. I was mad that she didn't tell me and mad at God for not protecting her from and honestly i didn't really know what to think. Hearing you really helped me understand a lot more and i will definitely be getting your book to understand even more. If you have any advice too i would love to hear it. Thanks so much for sharing your story!