Monday, August 27, 2012

Learnin' Lessons . . .

Okay, okay -- so I've dropped the blogging ball lately. I admit it. I have a problem -- and admitting we have a problem is the first step to change, right? Right. My problem is this: I start strong and finish poorly -- in pretty much everything I do. So, somewhere in the middle of a thing, I need to intentionally give myself a check-up from the neck-up and turn it back around.

Wanna know how I know this about myself? Because I've slipped up a lot, and dropped a lot of balls. And every slip-up is an opportunity to learn something. Which leads (almost seamlessly!) into this blog of mine from last year that the amazing Constance Rhodes asked to feature over at the FINDINGbalance blog this week (nice segue-way, huh?). Do me a favor and check it out -- and while you do that, I'll start thinking about actually writing some fresh material for this blog again. I mean, it could happen.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Because there is still time before Labor Day . . .

Seriously, people  . . . Where has this Summer GONE? This one has to have been the busiest -- and shortest -- Summer on record. And it is with much regret and a heavily bummed heart that I tell you that I made it to the beach a whopping ONE TIME this season (in part due to the fact that my offspring spent the first half of Summer in a full-arm cast, and dragging him to the beach to watch me play might have been cruel and unusual punishment).

Anyway, enough about ME; what about YOU? Did you take time to play in the sand this Summer? If not, it isn't too late . . . And, because I used to be so diligent about reposting my guest blogs and columns here and I have majorly slacked off in the past year (I'd insert a masterfully crafted excuse here, had I such an excuse), I shall use this, the penultimate week of beach season, to repost an offering I wrote back in July (link below). Huge thanks to Dr. Maria Rago (author of "Shut Up, Skinny Bitches", which I urge you to go buy and read) for inviting me to contribute to her blog. (And huge amends to Dr. Maria Rago for neglecting to re-post it on my own blog, which is sort of, like, Writers Etiquette 101. But I digress . . .)