Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Because there is still time before Labor Day . . .

Seriously, people  . . . Where has this Summer GONE? This one has to have been the busiest -- and shortest -- Summer on record. And it is with much regret and a heavily bummed heart that I tell you that I made it to the beach a whopping ONE TIME this season (in part due to the fact that my offspring spent the first half of Summer in a full-arm cast, and dragging him to the beach to watch me play might have been cruel and unusual punishment).

Anyway, enough about ME; what about YOU? Did you take time to play in the sand this Summer? If not, it isn't too late . . . And, because I used to be so diligent about reposting my guest blogs and columns here and I have majorly slacked off in the past year (I'd insert a masterfully crafted excuse here, had I such an excuse), I shall use this, the penultimate week of beach season, to repost an offering I wrote back in July (link below). Huge thanks to Dr. Maria Rago (author of "Shut Up, Skinny Bitches", which I urge you to go buy and read) for inviting me to contribute to her blog. (And huge amends to Dr. Maria Rago for neglecting to re-post it on my own blog, which is sort of, like, Writers Etiquette 101. But I digress . . .)

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