Thursday, September 13, 2012

TOP TEN SIGNS THAT YOU NEED MORE REST (from personal experience)


10) You've talked yourself into believing that Red Bull actually tastes good in lieu of the milk you once used in your Wheaties.

9) Drinking coffee will no longer suffice; you must now keep a stash of coffee grounds inside your lower lip, and you tell yourself that maybe carrying a spitoon will be considered classy one day.

8) You've mastered the art of resting one eye at a time -- while driving.

7) When you finally climb into bed late one night, you find a stranger sleeping there -- and your bed actually says to you, "Look, it's been a while. I assumed we were seeing other people."

6) You consider putting it in your will to have your tombstone say, "Asleep at last -- DO NOT DISTURB!!!"

5) The last time you completed a thought was

4) (See what I mean?)

3) You've considered buying a medic alert bracelet and having it engraved with the word 'narcolepsy' -- so that when you nod off while someone is talking to you, they won't think you rude.

2) Every time you pass a Rest Stop along the highway, you bitterly shake your fist at all the sleeping truckers as you lay on your horn.

1) And the number one way to know you need more rest: You started work three hours ago and reading some snarky chick's blog is the only thing you've really accomplished.


  1. Loved this!!!!!!! this is so me. #1 is what I am actually doing.. ha. reading blogs at 1 am when I should be sculpting.. but I have clay in 1 hand and I'm commenting on blogs with the other. I am not multitasking, I am just reading blogs. I am such a night owl, sleep deprived, insomniac artist who likes to work til 4am. Best art is made in the middle of the night. who needs sleep when you can create but of course I am beyond tired 24/7. If I wasn't allergic to coffee #9 would be an option.

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